Comfort in words – a reckless and real endeavour to be dangerously treasured by the chosen few who can and absolutely do know

Attempting to see, to ferociously feel a fair degree of rip-torn rigour aside high-highfalutin visual
Undeniably set at a serene sense of cradled creativity, the pace of pedantry and full-blown necessity appears to be rather otherworldly

It appears to be an accordion of misshapen aside seriously pulsating sorts
And they’ve been scribbling themselves downright vilified til the blue-winged evening catches itself by the emboldened choke-hold of its corrupt and decidedly, violently cauterised collar midst another reawakening of yet another over-thrown, imploding a.m.

So very extraordinarily otherworldly are they and worth its promising touch in this whole wide-eyed, thistle-torn world of screaming dreams

So it seems
Meaning to make up the hidden difference set sumptuously, altogether fair sordidly within the thankless banks of these seriously artistic beings – this particularly inspirational intent is unceremoniously hellbent upon complete and chaotic portraiture

Utterly unknowing
Until, that is…
He writes his very own history with every single stride that he writes

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