I know she said that she was alright but this shall have to absolutely
Be ; the bravest admittance she ever will breathe upright improper and
She speaks when these pedestrian people fail to portray the realist reality – supernatural v. abrupt and sacrilege unnatural

To break these gargantuan ties – all of it bolstered and bloodied by these wanderlust,
Misshapen and, perhaps, insipidly snaked

Her ghostly, ghastly, looking-glass eyes have been begging with themselves to realign : and to somehow, anyhow, find one such struggle-some way

To. Pay. It. Forever. Forth. Forward. Tantalised.

Wears her favourite, body-armoured attire – broached by the beatnik brain – and flies by the strain of a million summertime rains : it’s been all of it upside-down and petrifying

And, so suddenly soon, all of it makes grandiose kinds of far-stretched, -fetched sense again

It has been : simply preparatory and absolutely second to none other

Otherworldly, she turns on her Lou Boutin toes and poses a most
Unforgettable, impenetrable, threat to the whole of the shylocked system

With wrappings of weather-worn weapons daring to whisper and breathe sweet-nothing’s wherein most people’s animosity need be ; passionately emblazoned and blink to think and you miss her shrinking – shrieking – insipidity

This. Is. Unacceptably. SHE.