These people carry a particular professional and wind sweeping Ability to feel Many a Thing: kaleidoscopic and tenuously both generously caughten and CaPtUrEd time AgAiN!

As this… sense… of never/ending reverberation that their veins and bones do tend to CrItIcAlLy carry with them together have been… s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g it!

Harder than anyone can EVEN BEGIN to imagine. It all: from here-to-where exactly, though!?

Do their noses for industry EVER EVEN begin (to beg themselves) to go, for that Sense of overACCENTUATED BLISS

Taken, aforeMENTIONED captured and wrestled til.. instrumentally ReStEd

Within this human implementation of stifling excellence- namely a pen

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