A stolen someone – concrete feet and she feels it all make its murky way around the surrounds of a theatrical somebody

Ashen-faced, living seething people with gigantic lying cigarettes aside unkind time
Rolled in reverse and they fast-forward like crazy only to kiss it all away

A yo-yo-ed admittance permitted unto herself
And a dip of sullen whiskey pushes itself against the guffawed gob, attempts to make sense, to treat the bargaining pain, finally drain one system problematically dry

These mysterious looking-glass non-entities of over-bearing entitlement

They paid for no such sins, utterly pragmatic and unaware as to this undeniable sad show

Rather a wily character of pride and prejudicial awareness

The ego has been crying, finding itself to be in a whole other realm of false remembrance – wherein blasphemed bygones fail at letting themselves be anything other than forgettable

She stands with her sickly heart stand-apart electrified, albeit remaining to be but an utter waste of sense aside spectacular space for now

Intensified by all of these imbalanced white lies which will gladly whisper and strain an otherwise magnificently creative brain

These pills have been snaking their way in midst the preying mantis a.m.

The reckless force-feed themselves to savour the taste of ineptitude
Eagle-eyed and nimbly vilifying

These nastily nullified people have been historically stained till delicately paralysed when least suspected, all over again and there can be no such gain in a comfortable kind of habitual nature

She holds her tethered face against the cutthroat edges of the shrinking sun till remotely controlled via all of its best wishes for her for a far better existence

For the pair of them – soon as two become one and we watch them burn it all away

Bitten by the very same hand that feeds them – they cannot taste where they’ve been, cannot feel the feels

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