So there we were, beers between us, two alcoholics about to fall oh so far from the wagon
I understood his need to drink alright, in all fairness, for him life had ran its course
But mine, it was all happening in front of my eyes, a relatively happy wife, give or take this and that
THIS, perhaps
At home right now with our newborn, snug as a gun in our rather nice flat
“Just one beer between us, can’t say fairer than that…
And besides, we’ve been to all of our meetings, I think we’ve been listening”
Had we, really?
I mean this was like going back to mass only opting on baring the all too horrendous cheeks of our ass
Abysmal on our part, however we seemed to have it down to a fine art
A.A. at eight before we got to brushing our teeth, steering our respective vehicles on home so as to avoid any kind of a bitch and a moan
Were we alone, inside our own heads perhaps
A lapse like this was dangerous, my wife, God bless her cotton socks, couldn’t but be suspicious
That’s just it, put it in my vows, a promise to always and forever never touch the stuff
Tough, right this minute I truly don’t give a f…