They watch the surface of the earth consume itself one pretty little vivacious person per (angstArIsEn) time, per (dastardly) annum, per antagonisedAndDeCePtIvE day, per subscriptively soldAway…

souls of YesterYEAR’S frozenFaCeD YET greatest MoSt t-e-s-t-i-n-g memories

Amidst a/this DEscriptIVE skyline at Night/ mild, (oh) so fUCKInG s-OO-thing and SoFt to the tethered Touch, ALBEIT… ofttimes ROUGH around its ‘hEaVeNlY’/heaven and HELLISH edges

Made to be MEANt to bend and break/ wreaking a natural sense of heralded havoc

Upon Us and Them AND Every bestial lITtLe wideAwake, selfAppointed (LITTLE) man and WOman… …

Of (un)announced recklessness and “sophisticated dereliction”

As We look at them(, PRECIOUSandPRECISELY,) through a windowsill tipped-to-toe with (clothed and) visual bewilder, And think and Pray fair UNFASHIONably: for them to AcT all KINDS of WiLdEr than THEMselves sometime!

This is their glass house of descriptive bewilder And it’s been delicately instilled with This religioUS senselessness

Of StainGlass And incidental incision And it DOES NOT feel like… ANNNNNY KIND of a disGRUNTled little Church (fUcKiNg steeple) AnYMORE
But for BEING distantly

Suspended &
D in some SENSE of pedantic people He crowds do BoW. Belt buckles at the ready – –

Who will p-r-e-y upon themselves til Left

Knee-ridden and Self-consumed AGAIN(and avidly aging!)with commonPlACE dereliction

Yes. Unbeknownst to them(SELVES someTIMES): it IS their ecclesiastical mind/Prison/imPRISONment

And mothereffing MEANT to Anger and adVANTAGEously scatterCRASH their CONfusticated EyEs!!

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