These people have been seemingly standing here for close to an entire lifetime – unravelling and delicately unwinding all of these careful and rather memory-filled moments in their whole wide world
‘Til still a thousand-and-one such cross-bowed hearts
Where do they ever need to start, proudly hold their each and every instrumental art awe-inspiringly, rather intrepidly apart – thumping the barely-there black and white ceilings with these high-wired L.A. gin & tonic feelings aside no such lapse in sensational concentration
Attempting to remember just way back when
Perhaps long before all of this high-ended tapestry, terrifically beginning mid-evening cyclical din when everyone else wanted to propose the most, try to caress and unquestionably own a little piece of everything – stripped and frightfully clipped jutting out bear claws prepared to go right on through ’til dawn, stretch open your sufficiently wired jaws
Manicured to within an ungodly inch the entire lot of them
Contrary to popular belief but people like this, albeit altogether charming and in so many more ways than you can ever possibly let yourself imagine, are utterly, rather problematically so willing to take it all apart
Before bewitchingly placing it rather intricately back together – shape-shifting, stop-start but they will absolutely get to send themselves there by the very end, rest-assured because these hearts are trembling and ready to see it all if needs be
Deceptively pure and on something of a clock-work instigation second-to-none other, downright sensational in a manner of tweaking the shocking life right from it
These crazed and somewhat necessarily flailing wits are trying harder than any other to smother in rapturous delight, frightfully coaxed by these cloaked and daggered individuals – they carry with them their very own sort of pills
Some of which are altogether too heavily dependent upon all kinds of aforementioned downtrodden, sullied drugs to tug and pump, then sizeably manage to cradle the entire surreal nature of it all
Stand forth oh terrifically disguised demons of ours, and take a wicker-work chance at rolling your very last dice, finally get to see if it is indeed all-encompassing
You’re so very out of touch it really is unbelievable

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