The whole place trembled, the most sumptuous knife-edge in living, breathing memory – go right ahead, drench then quench all of us to the very core of our monstrous beings
You just must be in it to win it – we’ve been believing, instantly watching
And all for everything, when he blew the cobwebs away, betrayed the very same ones who just must deserve to die, frightfully impressive and extremely sentimental, not to mention quite mental in a lavish manner of speaking
When he intricately fashioned this utter need to breathe through these falsified albeit storyboard words, absurd how he took us down, met us right by the altogether savoury part of our sophomore minds – these memories have been silently stored, subconsciously adored
If anyone can find a surefire way then it will be him above all else
Delving with his mind for his rather magical spade, all of these replicas dressed to impress are nothing but also-rans with a real need to copy and paste – when distaste breathes waste

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