It’s just like that actually, it’s been steeped in the deepest of sincere-most sentiments and a million other MEANt to mean someTHING items of serious suggestion-

They’ve even been eyeswideshut speaking Til their tongues become tied yet again

And their mindsets begin to PEAK(!) Artistically sPEAKing, she has been adjusted and AltErEd to the pOinT in TimE…

Of course-FIRST cause. And it HAS caused her n-o-t-h-i-n-g but for utter humility of mind, actually.

These people have been to see something utterly otherWORLDLY and, DEFINITELY, they’ve been acting

Outrageously defiant in the FACE of graceless adversity; some w-i-l-l see it whilst these other distanced people will

Fail to feel anything, and that is completely-both-COMFORTably ok in-fact

They’ve been acting their age all over again and it IS: this seriously developMENTALTHING. So we seem to think