She’s been eagerly monitoring his each and every hesitant next move
Grappling with the might of the looking glass mind, the merciful servant serves her needy, needed savant – brings with him the adulthood years back to a piece of imperfectly breathless belonging again
The lack of oxygenated poison – catered for by the meshed reckonings of variegated colourings – has been both singularly enticing him whilst all awhile turning that invisible smile back to some kind of life
These head-scratching moments of wraparound noise aside exceptional bouts of complete clarity which speaks soon as it is dutifully ignored – purposefully plagiarised aside playfully deceitful with him
She offers him a trapping-glass of undeniable happiness while the width of the wine swims enticed inside – all personally argumentative and incredibly succinct when pressed, pressurised, affably against a rambling, trampling red breath
He opens his rebounding eyes – stretches with the soreness on the starry insides – following the necessary shut-out, an artist cuts to the crop of the cream, causing pained improper painting utensils to stand
Remarkably upright and sight-seeing for themselves
And to finally, none too invitingly, catch his building-branch gaze
Equally to her for its brain-fed delirium, its constant state of nonstop worship and wandering visions which she will fail to forever see
Even if he seems to have seen it all awhile
Even if it hasn’t yet set its own problematic placemat, seated itself abruptly beneath
The table of outlandish dreams – safest to say it that he’s simply been a wraparound genius and it feels… decidedly surreal
All smoked out, soaked up, rolled up in a rapturous round of self-proclaiming paused and faltered applause
And terrifically turning all of these pained painting utensils back towards
Animated and stereotypically caricatured versions of their three-dimensional selfish selves again…
Courageous is the face which speaks soon as no-one’s been listening

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