I know I mentioned Inchydoney before
But I’ve a feeling this is the place to be
The place for me
With fantastic friends perched up on the hill
Sun or rain I always smile
Theirs is the house where I come to truly chill
Play shoulder-back with the terrific threesome
A chat with their wonderful mother
Over coffee & scones
The cigarettes still play a part
Putting those to one side still feels like something of a fine art
All of its own
Talk about everything & anything
Plans for the future
While Joa listens to The Chapters sing
On the stereo
Can’t ask for much more
Except a book deal… a car
With most people I’d finally get to be on a par
Haven’t felt that way before
Realised today
That’s what I must start looking for
The real Brian
Not holding onto OCD with all of my might
Even if against my will
Leaving myself forever open to one hell of a fright
Laura’s good for the heart & soul
Knows what to say
Won’t judge
Doesn’t ridicule
Thinking about it some more
That lady’s pretty damn cool
Around the same age
But she’s got three kids
I’ve none
Not something on my mind right now
But some day
When I finally get to reap what I sow
Who knows
Courtmac’ has a lot
Certainly manages to make do with what it’s got
One shop
Where we go for milk, whatever
Sweets for the kids
Who are always deserving of a treat
So that’s Courtmac’
Might just be the perfect place
& if you do happen to be looking for a night out
Be sure to give Billy Adam’s a shout
He owns the hotel
A super lad who just got married
He’ll guarantee a night so swell