Whore-ish all in one go easy on me now – please… for she’s been recklessly red ribboned

Pretty at being once-upon-a-pretty-little-fine-thing

This future portrayal, to suck em n seize thee who sits naked and alone
Imperfectly perturbed aside violently sought out by many a treacherously misplaced man – affable handed portraiture sits lonely and alone all in one go

Speaks with violated heart strings – this pale-faced prophecy holds no real gaining but for otherworldly creation

She holds a soothing bed-side candle, steady-winged at play-pretend
No venture plain and marvellously mundane

A sleeping alter-ego narrows the route to all knowing truth but for the lies she disguised midst twisted bouts of bare-naked adultery and blasphemous delirium between misshapen knees

Prometheus, suck me and feel it swim within the ebb n flow of your protruding veins

A stolen portraiture knows no hidden curvature … but for a magnificent eye-piece

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