A professionally abrupt indentation of the nimblequick finger and these wraparound artists are wholeheartedly concentrated upon a particularly continuous cycle of string-lent series – sensuous by all manner of mannerly reckoning
No such wrecking-ball territory here, pl(ease). .. … and thanking the greatest (known) divider of disrespect oh, so kindly
A born-again violin has to, has to, (just) HAS TO win outright – it has to, has to, HAS TO begin
To make secondary, tertiary. .. … all kinds of gently/gentlemanly (and) collaborative Sense (yet)(again)
uP until/Up until – Everyone and their favourite-best mother’s (have) been singing for their sworn-in suppers
An audible audience the world-over COLOSSAL SHOULDERS… breaks into loosening tears/feature-filled, jovial-faced jeers
When he whispered and he told, he told her, he TOLD HER – that he (just must)/would remain enviously incredible – midst concentrated, cornered and coin-faced neglect/regret/HIDDEN RESPECT
When breaking down walls with the weight of her/his brain became her/his favourite-best thing
The genius is in the process – the ability to meet We in-the-middle and breathe(,) A/as though none of it was ever even ours. .. … …. since the eagle-eyed beginning made (mysterious)/ly (instigated – plus or minus) sense of itself

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