They’d surely been interpreting idiosyncrasies for the sake of sending themselves to a LATELY grave. They’ve been acting all superior and spontaneous and seriously contagious at being… these

Judged people with envy for wings; and typically seething to feel(!!) If they really WERE unfathomably bored of the smartness at hand then they may as well’Ve explained…

the whole daMn ordeal in idyllic circumstances: that way with mischievous words, a likeMINDED able-ness TO OTHERS… to penetrate their —- judicious souls.

• What we watched isn’t everyone’s particular cup of conversation actually.

“Not even what their beleaguered brains led themselves to BeliEve(!)… and THIS ******g pART matters(!) That what they’ve been attempting to unlock is a most

Precariously precious sense of GoldenFaced momentum.” And without wanting to have to ADD+anyone+else to the already alternative *u***** eQuaTioN.”

~ ~ ~ It seems TO BE
that They’ve built themselves a makeshift heaven out of an upside down and Hellish situation