They have walked with fear and tears in their eyes and ears AND MIND; have very nearly so VERY much as ran

… with the sprint of the seething line sometimes(!!)

And, yet… why haven’t we seen them HERE before?! These thoughtful people who WILL need to feel

Utterly comfortABLE and invited to the WHOLE-WIDE-scene/ it’s been… kinda pristine, and KINDA… …

Alarming, actually(!!) Electrified were their aforeMENTIONED inebriated RUBY-RED EYES. But, their mInD – Oh, My:

Took a l-i-t-t-l-e WHILE LONGER to find the tone-of-time To be this mischievously manicured thing of idiotic disapproval

It’s been preREapproved though, and we don’t even need to know anyMORE(.)