They are dangerous at play-pretend, if only they knew the pace with which he slayed his teeth

Silenced at being fair sensational, this fear appears real and resolute, never forget the reprimanding aside dastard-handedness

R-e-g-r-e-t and regress all of the threat sinks til it tends to lend itself to swimming at delay-pretend again – open-wounded and entrusted in you

Indeed, a cheapened kind of mistakenly misshapen industry lies hazardous and beneath a multitude of red-ribboned thrill-seekers, -speakers
Tongue tied and righteously wrong and all in one time …

Shape-shifted evil wings yet all of We save ourselves from a lesser knowing death
Threateningly so you do get to let yourselves know it …

Thistle-torn feet with red black greenery sandals upon – painted and poised if you will see
Appears to me, appears to be
That that balancing act is audaciously real and rather altogether fair recklessly misgiving and mistreated

Maybe he will finally cut out my name again … say when
I just cannot explain just how much of a face-saver was he

I do blame all of the manly-handed artistic – autistic – geniuses falling asleep and sitting inside of one sinking ship
No real deafening difference between good and great and good at being great – only that therein lies a deafening and loud-mouthed posthumous in-between and starkly contrasting
Their story but a foregoing conclusion
and his last breathe was his greatest threat
They with their baby-steps, not he

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