I barely sat and witnessed to watch, you tighten to viciously constrain the beating parts of your beneficially pulsated vein
Til everything makes some sort of tremendously strenuous sense again
While I witness to watch it all go up in holy-smoke, and you squirm and choke to settle and soar Say whenever mother-fucking When

Midst this determinedly shrewd glory of pouringly hostilised yours – you are momentarily, rip-roaringly at sudden ease with one’s frozen stone-cold self, and we drift farther and furthermore together apart
You are sadness thrillingly disguised by all of this momentary bliss

Til my heart beats rapid for one more time, whilst yours finally stops and begins to alternatively shrink – retreating innermost inwards and never back upon to treat itself to a piece of my better being

Ever again, Say agonisingly mother-fucking When – you died right by my hallucinatory eyes

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