She smoked far too many cigarettes, all of the goddamn time
Choked her out, wholly and completely
Not to mention the wine
I have grown to say “goddamn” a lot, but she did this to me
Put me on the goddamn spot
Help!! It’s rotting her soul, not to mention I reckon I overheard Dad remark about cancer only the other morning
Something about an ungodly spattering of moles on her back that seriously needed lancing
Terribly vulgar, I know, not to mention a little bizarre
But in this life on we must march, on we must most certainly precede
Terribly down on their luck the pair of them, and it doesn’t help much either they having to send me off to college
Mounds of pride opposed to a dwindling bank account, a surefire separation desperately pressed against the fact that we were always tight
Here’s hoping above all else I do possess the knowledge
And my Mom doesn’t keep on burning the candle every goddamn day
Of every goddamn night
Back to our halcyon, charming the wind and waves into calm, being the angel she once was