A place to rest your clutched laurels, to take a rather lukewarm step on back
Tracked by the love of God, seems we’ve been stripped of our absolute worth and we just cannot see it anymore – shall we take a little more time, explore all of these instrumental things that we have managed to oh so heroically store
Find the undeniable right hand to clasp and dance on into the night – frightfully willing to take it, and all of this in one sizeable, rather mesmerising and altogether indestructible instance
A gargantuan sabre-tooth smile to set us jovially, all too warily, apart
Admittedly so, we’ve been wishing upon a prayer above all else
What you do when you’re ill-prepared however hard you tend to try – you will go to the end of the burning earth to hurt those who attempt to hurt yours, turn the mirror in their lock-jawed direction and catch their final glare – when everything becomes incredibly scintillating

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