They do indeed appear to have adapted to their very own sense of stateless enthusiasm. They’ve EVEN stood with thunder and on utter fire AND in irreparably unnecessary pain.

Shame: for the sake of the strength which w-i-l-l LIE

Deeper inside of their Antagonised AND excellently voracious eyes, all pARTS of their artistically absurdly ABRUPT mindsets

ably ACTING aCtIvElY aLIVE now… … to the Neanderthal nightly noise which seems to SEEK to s-w-i-m BRAVELY beneath

… their breath-filled wingspan AGAIN and to an excelling AND EXCELLENT extent-of Utterly aforementioned ENTHUSIASM; we’ve been there wHERE(!!) they’ve lied and dIed UPSIDE-DOWN AND-LOPSIDED inside — even very much so

Bolstered their mAnIaCAl MeAndErInGs of foiled and fAzEd AnD CONfused bRaInS back together again. No more (pain) now, plEASE… but for the sound —

The sound, that soulFULLY sentiMENTAL sound

Of irreparable happiness, ACTually(.)

This took endless verbal volleys of foul-mouthed sentences verbatim and other
Oftentimes “comically cReAtIvE” moments of encyclopaedic courage, so they do understand EXACTLY that particularly

Unforgettable thing Which SINGS: dElIrIoUsLy wItHiN

Of Them.