Take yourself on out of the game
You must… this just is not working
I, with my husband, aside my young and adolescent family
You, with your bottom dollar
Truth be told, no such enticement whatsoever
‘Cept for that honorably handsome expression, of course
In all of my life it will come second-to-none
I do indeed dream about you but that is as far as it ever seems to go
Don’t worry, I will indeed remember it for all of eternity
You earned your every stripe
How you masterfully shredded my every cloth, took be blindingly asunder
A Thanksgiving as well as utterly memorable New Year’s Eve wonder
Two such liaisons amid futile givings
Dangerous, perhaps, but trust me, in my eyes no such blunder
If my supportive husband ever does decide upon dropping my hand once again, then you can be rest-assured I’ll open myself up to not just one but a hundred more of these plunders