What if we tell the inescapable tales of everybody else (anyway)? And what if: “we take the try-hard dividing-of-time to decide for ourselves… … and tell ‘em all to tend toward our OWN-utter-HUMANITY, plEASE.” She

Isn’t really invested in being a homespun-hero anymore and she (really) isn’t even — “causing-it-all to messedUP-MeaNdeR and SmiLe inside of a flabbergasted mind.” Proud-as-PUNCH(!!) for ****sAaaaAaKe and P-O-U-N-D-I-N-G that 10’000-times-per-day pavement as if

This eNtaNglEmenT of ((PURE-as-golddUSt)) pressure (really) carries a certain degree of inescapable pleaSURE, “indeed.” Imperatively WE HAVE ELEVATED OURSELVES so-high that we cannot ((let ourselves)) L!E ABOUT

“Just how (HOLY)-fucked-UP The Whole-Wild-World REALLY has been (((inside of an ocd-mind – lies, lies, L!!!!!!ES))).” Indeed, an ego-dystopian thing Of Pleasure-filled bliss. Even if

We do shoot to miss ____ —-
With these meAnDeriNg bUllEtS Of Braveness_AND_bone = “((just)) one way home.”