We can’t always and forever get to grab what it is we might just like
Sometimes, however…
Mike fell oh so goddamn far but somehow, anyhow, he managed to take all of him with him – a very sorry replica indeed standing on over his darker than shadow
Barely there
Why don’t you breathe the bright young life from him!!
The petty push which came right before the karma-punch, both terror-stricken men playing their jaw-cracking parts
Had one such achingly obvious hunch this might happen
See, our paramount man was left utterly trapped and pirouette-pile-driven in a most unfathomable fashion – flailing ‘n’ trashing as though there really were to be no tomorrow
River wash in, around and all over him!!!
As it turns out there wasn’t – cross words definitely had, upon the rather harrowing, deep and seriously tragedy-stricken subject of how one got to slaughter the other’s ‘stay-at-home’ father
The rest of them now only ever getting to refer to his rather ‘carefree’ daughter
Left behind supposedly so
The one who honestly hand upon her heart couldn’t care less either way

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