The bombings sounded us out
Crazed soldiers with unlearned boulders built
Politics at a wary crossroads
Explosions oh so frightening
Ungodly in their nature
Strangers lending us a hand, glad of the respite for a while
Father’s hand sliced right off
Mother’s falser than false smiles in order to get us over the slump of a lifetime
No soft underbelly appears to be here
So near, yet oh so far
I saw it, I watched my neighbour’s car become no more than melted, twisted metal
Settling itself tragically aside equally harsh scenery
One country keen to take another out
One dictator hellbent on massacring all of those people unwilling to colour outside of the line
I was the little boy who could only shout ’til his voice was atrociously drowned right out
When will we learn?