Paused for taught.. taut thought, a graciously gathering of garrulously lucid proactivity – an altogether honorary exception against many an about-to=be broken-ended Rules… who’s been motherfunking having ’em all anyway?!

Just this inconsequential death-by-daren’t ofAn artistically inclined masterpiece, more-so cloned and twisted version, perhaps, of a falstering society driven by self-proclaimed egotism

Of these thieving thieves with their abstained alcoholic hearts put upon fulsome fire again, with their incredulously rhapsodic, rapier wits defying customary belief.. what have we not but for next to absolutely nothing any more but artificially reimagined EveryThing again. Borderline entertain us, Pl-ease?

Where-in the golden, shooting, strange-faced nature of the Suggestible and highly delirious, distinctively suggestive Sun holds its own, prone

To being metaphysically enflamed aside impassionately… fair lucidly pressedEnthusiastically Against//the peeling wide-shut re-opening again of a million people’s might-of-Mind’s Eye, where-even “the problematically poor” get to process pure beauty