It is an utterly oversteered, OVERsTrEwN opinion and these typically rambunctious AND lambasted peOpLe seem to want to REALLY guide their disguisement of eyes—-

Away from everybody else and their Mother-Hubbard son. Some ACTUALLY should have ‘em… maybe(?!)

What. They. HAVE. Done –

To strengthen their very own personalised sense of artistic AND EMOTIONAL BLISS(!) is actually ——

Not all that hard AT ALL anyMORE(…) While their eyes pour, their minds SmIlE- it’s seems to be a wonderFULLY beautiful mile-a-minute endeavour (which we CANNOT BUT come to adore and treaSURE…

Of, INDEED, this mightily applicABLE SenSe of singular momentum..

One sum of SUN, Two Sides of the WHOLE-wide Moon… and an upside-down
N. Pressed as far Away From Her dIsHevEllEd Face as humanly possible