The people who tend to talk to her are the incredibly snoresome individuals, real wannabee nobody’s in all honesty – you know, the fumble-your-fingers types who will sit still as a goddamn rock like silly little preachers and make the conversation between the pair of you so damn hard to bear it leaves you fighting for your life just to get out of there, people who didn’t ask to be so very sleep-inducing and we have to pity them for that alone. Altogether unknowing people who would if they could but they sure as sugar shan’t. They dress well, really make an all out effort, actually, and they do have other halves too, just that the mere thought of the pair of them together sends you almost insane all over again. Double the dose of mind-boggling inadequacy and these are now her people. Fuck. What in the name of Timbuktu did she ever do to deserve this sentence of decidedly agonising sorts? She knows she was supposed to be the unusually popular one – it’s in her every bone – only her chances were frustratingly cordoned off like no-one will ever get to know. She knows full well and that makes it all the more agonising, the star of only her own lonely show from here on in. And so you do know she’s bordering on insane because of it all. She fell so far before she ever even got started. Have a heart and open on up to her, please. You Will Not Be Disappointed. Seems she was born to be rip-roaring, to control every single conversation on out there. Be entirely prepared because she is ready to go all over again if needs be. If she can find the drive that is.