They were nervous little make-believe mastered pieces… of little OL-masterpieces with their

Minds —- acting fairly sizeable indeed; “when we enter into that alternative reaLITy that’s a level of utMOST, oft-times FickLe~FaCeD understanding. “Imagine it now though, that

Sellout state of non-CONSEQUENTIAL scariness.” We were ahead of the game and gathering an ultimatum which No-one need know of anymore, ALTHOUGH-

“Who exactly knows WHAT(?!?) to do with their farther than——-> further than ———> rare state of beneficial equilibrium?” It’s

Confusing thEM now and that’S about as good as it SHoulD (never) get. And up ‘til then… (?) Well, “we

were dEcOdinG the seeN-to-BE: utterly repetitive $h!T that nobody needs to hEAR(!)”