Make it deep, deeper than deep, have people absolutely swimming alongside perfect punctuation
You can be our makeshift dolphin if you like
Get you and your writing in a situation where we can’t but want to read it
This is it, your time to shine, so stop that niggling necessity for out and out rhyme, think a little more, don’t be afraid to write sublime
We want a poem that lasts forever, a lifetime
None of that “the cat sat on the mat” stuff
I mean it’s OK, it will do for now, but with a mind like yours you need to rewind, speak a little or a lot about the tough times
You’re getting there but you need to stop thinking about taking the literary world on, stay strong and we can almost guarantee you will make it, make the earth quake as you seem to say more often than not
Beckett, he’s gone now, he had his day, it’s your turn now, so on you must plough
Words are your thing and in case you’re wondering, right this minute you don’t really need someone sing it
That will come, just keep on keeping on, go by whatever seems to be your rule of thumb
Don’t be afraid of sounding romantic, even if that means speaking about the most incredible summers day, the view on out over the Atlantic
Hell, why not write romantic, you might as much as woo a girl who has yet to see the world but sees it through your words
I know that you probably think the line just gone by to be absurd but it will make sense
Do what you came to do, make a person’s longing to read one of your poems just as exciting as watching a great movie, make your next poem everything anyone could ever want, downright groovy
The truth is it’ll never be a movie but it can be a different kind of theatre, one where your words manage to meet her half way
And it isn’t crude at all to think that way, everyone’s after that kind of thing
And you never know, before long she might be the one you get to collaborate with, sing