This sense of shameless self absorption, of causing all avenues of their minds to search… to the stars and as far back as ANY OTHER maniacal sounding metaphor possible

For, these artistic endeavours were meant to be posthumously treasured. Probably. Maybe. Matter.. of.. fact ABSOLUTELY?!

Not so very much anymore, actually, yet they’ve been wondering what it will take
To shake their very own SoUlS to the restorative core: of something damn downright irresistibly painstaking, because, “GUESS WHAT!!”

The pain is supposed to feel perfectly comfortable; as their process proceeds to ‘professionally’ procure one such audience member’s avidly suggestive ImAgInAtIoN.

They may well search for sensational, even IF IT IS: already happening, right before their merriment eyes, stopping to boast they lose the most

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