She sleeps with one quite tired eye open – utterly unable to cope with this farce which will continuously take it upon itself to earth-shatteringly occur
She is bewilderingly beautiful, albeit lost in a rather matter-of-fact manner, undeniably torn
Aside all kinds of terrifically exhausted, some do say that she may just have been the most juxtaposed girl in the whole wide world
Entirely hanging in hope – nevertheless, set to forever remain pretty as a solitude picture of jaw-dropping sorts – right by her wits extreme and altogether mesmerisingly tapestried end
A strewn-out travesty hellbent on chasing the relentless dragon that is outright maniacal curiosity, when OCD took her to the mind-frazzling edge, tended to her alarmingly obsessive nature and at a quickened pace at that
Dependent on this forced-upon loneliness above all else, yet this saddened face shows no real signs of giving in
Far, far harsher than someone who is simply neglected, seems our sudden interjection just had to happen – the intricately planned map inside of her blinded mind crying out for someone, anyone’s, undivided attention
To point out where to step and where to not
We can only ever twist our fingers and toes and hope that she finally finds the exact spot to place these terrifically weary feet, and gets to treat herself to what’s irreversibly immaculate
Hatched all too bravely amidst these bouts of utter agony

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