yes, there it is indeed – a heavenly place wherein The membrane goes to explain

a thing of ten thousand afterthoughts, we really outta attempt to make sense of it all

don’tcha simply think, sweet Mississippi paraphrasing baby

we with our abracadabras & our favourite best barricades – erstwhile & breathing from Sunday through Mondaymorningtime til bleeding by the voluminous bucketload

been begging out twisted, shredding fingernails

pressed shadowcast against this fending pen

to either neatly nestle & evaporate or repulsively explode all over our thirsty souls for Survival

not a word though yet

fret felt amidst our deliriously dilapidated existences, eagle eyed insistences – heavily ogle eyed individuals & inevitably getting to watching ourselves against the deranged tellyscreen

that visually opportune & succinct underbelly which will gleefully interrupt out favourite best tuck-on-in deluxe, pl=ease

and thanking you oh so mother fucking violently & forever managing to make it breathe gently amidst

these blue light bursts of kicked -n’ flicked colours, seems they’ve been dividing the line to break it back to life again – so soon as when, our tending pens perturbed themselves til sprinting outright authentic aside infamous and vilified

pour your wine atop of her reddening dress and start to begin to endlessly express – a nocturnal need

to feed our very own bohemian souls, pl=ease

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