Their jaded states of realisation have this want-away manner of being… broken-down and still standing…

As hard and as HaPpY as a hop~a~Long Masterpiece actually. • They are indeed these particularly problematic people of purely… political viewpoints who can’t EVEN see

A Forest nor any of the triangular trees but just this: sense of selfish understanding. “We were looking out at them all and making our own minds UP. It’s been something bordering and definite in its own mannerisms.”

We are in the realms of utter… “chaos” actually, and it was a-l-w-a-y-s, ALWAYS gonna be A, B, C… annnnnnd D, etcetera OKAY(!) ONE way to bring their music of muscled~mind to life is to’ve

Truly and in HIGHLY HOSPITABLE fashion= been inspireD BY: “Their Own Eyes.”