Growing old with gathered gusto they go into the nighttime with ALL MINDS mightily intensified, ElEcTrIfIeD, and humanely intent upon… s-e-p-a-r-a-t-i-n-g what has BEEN from WhatSHALL and Can IT ALL beCOME!
Just one mind remains and it IS the man, or WOman, who can INFACT take all of this hindsight ‘hilarity’ back for themselves – annnnnnd t-r-a-c-k the face of the decimating traces of godawful goodwill oblivious conversations AND ALL OTHER testing AND DIEhard-things.
It appears to have been an outwardly encyclopedic endeavour wherein- somehow, SOMEone.. SOMEWHERE, THOUGH!? FOREVER needs to acknowledge and know
That to have stood upon a knife edge QUITELITERALLY is to bring yourSELF, unthinkABLY, BACK from the sinking brink
Of inesCABABLE Suicide&Slaughter – – All Of It Caughten and C-A-P-T-U-R-E-D inside of a bottle of BlueStreak bewilder: namely.. Jameson’s daftly begotten Whisky with a sideorder of substantial SARCASM Cast against these roaming, welterweight, jaded, TIRED AND ill-fated faces built from dishevelment

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