They were selected because we needed to be: absolutely cumbersome and equally well previously prepared — there’s a DeviLishly, we will repeat it AGAIN, PREPREPARED and DeadEyedStateOfInappropriateStare (Swimming)inside of their wIldNEsS oF m-i-n-d-f-u-l eyes, and we shALL(!!)

“Cause ourselves (YET…)again To bring these hard- and barb-wired thoughts(of theirs!!) to a courageously abrUPtStandstILL(…)”

And if you were actually wondering why(!?) we’ve all been t-r-a-g-i-c-a-l-l-y coated in these AbRupTly(!!)upside down demises it is

Specifically because: we’ve been taken to the aforesaid AND -mentioned brink, “of scribbling ourselves out of(Y-E-T!!)another rotten ol’ hole.” Called, ahem… shamefaced enthusiasm. Even when our breaths were besieged and our minds Alarmified: that’s precisely theTime..

“To radiate withRhyme.” Dumbfounded by this need toRemain.. above all else, CreativelySane