Basement box
Your particular kinda slew
Enough books in heady place to set the taste alight all over – you’ll never, ever read ’em all but no-one need know
Paint a monstrously lavish picture all of your own accord, a beautifully intricate war with each ‘n’ every word – a blind man’s rather secretive scripture, in one manner of speaking at least
Bound to unfold one way or other
Sat at your all too juxtaposed chair, where everything just seems to somehow flow, toe-to-toe, pen rather
You still get to hear the trembling feet of your father upstairs, delirious when it does come this particular son’s time to shine
Sure it ain’t nothin’ but all metaphorical now, for these thunder-pain clouds have finally opted upon passing you by entirely
Apologising, offering up a fire like no other – when, oh when did they decide to step on off, dilute the rain with a mind-boggling cascading of sun second-to-none!?
As I say, terrifically juxtaposed… And we think you know it too
Few ‘n’ far between, or so it seems

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