This is the place to come when you turn out to be utterly disappointed, perhaps altogether anointed by all of these outrageous misgivings rather unforgivably set in distasteful place
Forgive the embarrassed rest ’til getting to take your rapturous place at the unkempt table, prepare to face the harrowing shit-storm about to all too regretfully, nonetheless instrumentally occur
This utmost slur in your wicker-work voice gives me no such choice whatsoever
Depend upon me and I will attempt to broach the heady subject either way, gain my most incredibly opportune day
Go right ahead, pay it irreversibly forward, lend a little, take a helluva lot – ’til rooted to this constantly trodden-upon spot
Soon as you step forth and tie your soft blue bow, learn to know exactly how to press this prestigious suit against your questionable warlord chest
Let yourself remain immaculately, otherworldly astute
My, oh my, you are quite extraordinary
Shoot from the hip, why don’t you just
I mean, if you truly must

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