Pretty much your cliche everything – sinning when I’m winning, unable to sizeably see the forest for the trees
These times are crying out for no such replication, sensational a wish that fails to seal its very own deal right about now
Been pounding the pavement inside of my mind – outright blinded
Simple suggestions all too welcome, please…
I’ve been reeling, feeling at ten with Mother Nature, too many attempts to implement something or other
Half-baked scripture, sentimental nonetheless, smothered by an inability to see what’s painstakingly right, crawling these four walls the livelong night
When so many cigarettes let themselves in to momentarily soothe the pent-up regret – bitterness winning this particular battle, thinning the suddenly altogether claustrophobic route
When truth wins out seems you do amount to nothing
A sprightly sonuvabitch only minus the thirst – fell by the wayside, mesmerisingly disguised by these seriously pushed-upon-me sophomore smiles
Faker than any known mannequin
Something I never expected to seal my peculiar deal by the harrowing conclusion, confused and with no real manner back – these pock-marked tracks in my arms do appear to be my only visual reality

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