To creatively circumnavigate is to fondly find a loud-speaking way to shrilly say something rather sumptuous and seriously sidewinding both blindingly obvious : and, none the less, they will speak with their rambling tongues unofficially tied, minds undervalued and unbeknownst electrified … by the might of mere-eager sight(s) – inebriated eyes and about to plainly abstain and express the seething, breathing nature of their greatest case of cutthroat design; why not?! Irrepressibly fail ‘til failing to fondly find became their number-one idiom. Idiots, the whole Damned lot of them-there plagiarist fools with their upside-down tomfoolery tools.

Faking-it-to-make-it is to “meaningfully meander and matter” amid the barbaric ruling of unforgiving, forge-first thumb.

Do they really not realise that there will only ever be: Only one!

Whip-smart, upstart artist with wings for fingers – and a crumbling creation, gathered both guided by inexhaustible alliance, will steadfastly remain … wrought iron and rather recklessly Real









And typically bloody-minded for its stylized worry of worth, about to surreptitiously unearth a single-most search for the newly askew Truth … amid this – its indirect concealment and gushing secrecy again

Dopamine, deadliest lust aside sodden and utilised automative eyes –

He who’s been beautifully

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