Where any poem begins is, for me anyhow, with.. an instance, perhaps, of undivided attention to striking detail, to the specific visual and perhaps narrative, too, that sits, stands, whichever really, before the writer, poet, whichever you might end up wishing to call them. Personally, I will only ever get to call myself on a comfortable personal level… … a scribbler. It is easy on the eye as a word read from the page about the scribbler them-self. It also evokes, for me anyway, a certain sense of stirred emotion with regards to my humorous take on the whole endeavour. It is the process; that is what it is entirely about for me. Again, this is all personal to each person, but the only one who truly does matter with regards to getting the scribbles out there and at whichever pace suits my creative output best and any given-over time is me. Advice? None. I have probably given all the advice I have needed to give, all written down on my website for whoever might wish to see it, read it, take it all in. That is the brawn of my mind; all of it swimming comfortably inside of aforementioned website and, who knows, maybe even perhaps being devoured by more people than I can ever really know.

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