You do pressure me to the brim
I’ve been meaning to hold off, whisper so softly near your manically terrific ear
Too damn close to breathe, you’ve been thieving all of me away
Can you not simply see that we were never made to be
Chalk and cheese and all sorts of complete and seriously opposed comparisons
You do tend to narrow then outlandishly borrow my individualistic existence
Relinquish yourself, please, just prepare yourself to finally delve someplace else
Pardon my honest scripture, seems I’m ill-equipped to strip my warlock mind all over again and to deal with your haphazard ways
l have prayed for far better things ten times over your notoriously cold and fickly set behemoth shoulders
Few who will wholeheartedly disagree, hands upon their stop-start hearts they want us torn rather memorably apart
Our trying times have been wasted, when fate gladly steps to one side ’til I want no such part of it anymore
This split can either make us up or break our soliloquy hearts
I’ve been waiting for Cupid to crack his pretty little bow in half and to laugh in our silly little adolescent faces