We. Do. Need. To. Talk. This. Particular. One. Through.
See what I mean?
Only I’m nowhere near in any kind of a mood whatsoever
You know full well I hate the god-awful travail that does indeed seem to come with it
And I do pity the fool who feels the outright need to spend all of their time analysing each n’ everything
Please… feel free to steer clear, no such constant rain down upon me!
Just they sing in a most inopportune way, slaying the whole damn thing even before ever actually getting to set alight one oh so obviously sprightly beginning
Seems to thin, and what’s more, never so much of its very own accord either
These rather ‘artistic’, hellbent sorts, they really ought to know better for all of the serious preaching they do – downright drivel second-to-none
Then. There. Is. Me. – Perhaps I may just need to take a peculiar look in the age-old mirror before opting upon continuing on with this particular scribble

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