I’ve watched you, so much as seen you, chew a most engaging fat of the land
Seems I do indeed imagine you and I from time to time, our carefree feet dug deep within these painstaking sands
All over a cold shoulder aimed directly at the otherwise remainder of an oh so seriously juxtaposed world
Can I go so far as to caress your each ‘n’ every last curl – blonde by far too many a reckoning to care
Take you and yours on a lifelong trip of sorts with me?
What will be may well be, but we’d to sure as hell work for this, our total worth, curbing the age-old scripture, namely hurt
Side-stepped animosity
I’ll neck you all over if needs be – heightened curiosity, a blood-thirsty vampire surging for wanton desire, til these particular chickens do, in fact, come home to roost
Boost my flailing goddamn ego, would you!!
My love, you always did liken me to a rather inept dog atop a most fruitful bone
Does this whole thing even manage to make any real kind of sense!?
Six pence and we’re none the richer
Seems love in all of its tricky grandeur never really does by the deceitfully stricken end

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