All she ever asked ‘cos she wasn’t too sure, didn’t know why he still stayed
On with his day while she remained at home, cooking, cleaning, the lot
She knew all too well that for one of his younger secretary’s he had a soft spot
All in the word perhaps
A lapse of thought when he returned home with her, expecting, anticipating his wife to be out, but as soon as he keyed they door, bunny-boiler with her tongue so God damn far down his mouth, she gave him a shout
“Dinners done, hon!”
Hid the girl in the closet, ate his dinner and went to bed, another lapse, his secretary having to spend the night, squashed head
A ting closet, no room for nothing
She did nothing with her time but sing quietly to herself while he snored hard, as soon as the morning came she’d get one hell of a shock, a whack over the head from his pretty wife with her Grandfather’s clock