These evenings are fair problematic – a loose barb-wire minus all of its trimmings nestled downright ‘perfectly’ against her furthermore bulging bicep
Inept and besieged to say the very least
Pin-pricked to an incredibly ill-equipped point, these beautifully problematic marble-esque Princess Leia eyes casing the joint – otherworldly, destroyed by a ridiculous degree of incredibly depressing beer-swillers, life’s rather neglectful naysayers
Either way they will pay through the loosened tooth to be players
The light exploded a long while ago
Right where the all too eager needle meets with a dry-open wound time and again – blood trickling
Awaiting everything, all of this in exchange for absolutely nothing
But a differing kind of food for thought altogether
When a ‘friend’ who goes by no name whatsoever leans devotedly on over
And presses what’s entirely wrong inside of these utterly addicted, not to mention perilously perceptive veins
So as to make all of it feel oh so very right
Tighter than anything we’ve ever seen before
An atrocious instance lending itself to but one
And her body begins to shake like a broken instrument of the best kind, past glories unfounded, limbs quaking akin to the rip-roaring innermost success of the Vesuvius multiplied outright
As though tomorrow can wait, let alone tonight, for an absolute lifetime to come
Go fuck itself entirely

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