I do remember when we would sit and dangle our feet
Size twos perhaps, but the size of our love unmatched
When, oh when would our parents ever get to let us go
A pair of untarnished juvenile minds about to be torn completely asunder
Shouldn’t we just have plundered ourselves under right there
No, on we would go!!
‘Til escaping the godforsaken nest
Beset upon us oh so innocently
Parents owning a terrible thirst for that bottle
Course we couldn’t understand, even so much as comprehend an utter addiction
Their decisions appearing painfully normal for us
Getting by on a crust if we must
Then, when I reach age ten, I think for the both of us
Rather suitably adopted by our very own grandparents
The ones who wholeheartedly neglected the slew that was going on all round
Strong arms, an even stronger love
Guided by angels sent from above
Now, here we sit once again, dangling our feet
Size elevens perhaps, but our undivided attention heaven-sent
Can’t say far fairer than that

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