Chaotically speaking – it is a surge of homogenous reckoning
A deceptively entertaining thing which will cause a most magnificent mist
Missed all of this so soon as though her marvellously majestic heart skips a twisted beat, their flitting feet meet right at the affluent middle again
Manoeuvres to make singular sense – of only ever itself though, and nobody else but for – everybody else’s favourite-best dreamscape
Is previously reawoken and ready to pen Like a rip curl of a masterpiece put against the silenced sands
Time, please, people (trying to catch up with each and every next paragraph with his hands put to the flame)
Like searing blades pouring like a swamped Everglade with each and every brand new remerging wave(s) to the People and vigorously leaves
His heartmelt beating to meet – his sycamore-sleeve . .. … doesn’t care if it hurts and his mind bursts (too much) anymore
When Olive becomes his branched wonder