Too many characters to count ALTOGETHER
Came on into your lives at the turn of the century
Back as far as 2000 when she quenched our thirst
One girl with an insatiable appetite for ALL things adventurous
With her monkey Boots for SENSATIONAL company and a purple backpack that SOMEHOW talks, they get to come in contact with a million-and-one exciting obstacles
A puzzle, a riddle, even so much as having to stop the masked Fox from thieving EVERYTHING away from all of the others
And guess what else? The audience always gets to play along too!
We just MUST find a way to locate all of these lost items!
There’s Swiper and The “Grumpy Old Troll” who dwells time and time again beneath a bridge which Dora will NEED to cross every single time
You and her, and monkey of course, now to be the most PERFECT tag-team
And never, EVER forget the “We Did It!” song – the song right near the end that ALWAYS lets us know that they have been SO successful
So JUMP ON IN with Dora The Explora for fun-filled company, set fire to your young imaginations, stretch it COMPLETELY!!
Then there are Map and Isa The Iguana
Tico The Squirrel AND Benny The Bull
Full of absolute divilment, a few of them sent to unravel our heroes EVERY day
But if we can stand strong and manage to help her along, they will never, EVER get to have their UTTERLY unfair say
Then there is Big Red Chicken and, of course, THE EXPLORER STARS!
Who could ever forget The Explorer Stars!?
Stars that travel with Dora as she continues to explore… they pour on into her MESMERISING life whenever she may need them
So many names it REALLY is hard to remember
So sit on down as soon as you get home and watch our Hispanic hero turn all of those villains into ABSOLUTE zeros!!
Dora The Explora… but what if she DID indeed explode? Then I’ve a feeling she’d be full of a MILLION-AND-ONE colours!!