They do dance a derivative dance awhile all ambient smiles catch Crazed FIRE! Goes from mild to wild and back toward

Precisely both preciously ENVELOPING: a fighting, nearly (NEVER) biting demeanour tending courageously toward— all balletic swords CROSS
-BOWED, Arked & cRiPpLeD-at-Dawn, eager to stereo-physically YaWn(!!!)

A-while simultaneously warding off these peripheral people of stormed intelligence and mouthwatering persuasion – when the two things do CoLlIdE yet remain e-e-r-i-l-y different, & only in-so-far as they

DID dutiFULLY appear -past tense SPECTACULAR- to grab… the very L-A-S-T Dostoyevskian and derivative dance for themselves

Gently 💔

All hands on DeCk again- As it does, in deed and otherWISE specially specified, dutifully d-e-c-i-m-a-t-e itself

With t(his) wildly, Mildly-At-First w-i-n-d-i-n-g wind Of mine.

Sent to pretend. To set a sense of falsified Fear Inside of

Their fear-drilled bellies again.

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