He ran in and out of my life far faster than you can even begin to imagine
On a wing ‘n’ a prayer might be something of a dream in complete comparison
I just cannot believe how quickly all of it went by, ’til the very end came right round
Not a single sound, guess he’d have to be what you might like to call a night crawler of sorts – back in his precious hole come the morning time
Unraveling everything, anything and absolutely nothing all at once
Surprising harpoon through a once oh so shallow heart
Trust all of us, he has done just this a thousand times before
GUCCI underwear seemingly flung haphazardly upon the floor only ready to go so soon as master comes a-crawling
Believe it not, he didn’t manage to fall even one time
A slime-ball of the truest kind by many a reckoning, although we do now, somehow, anyhow, find him to be something of a rather magnetising enigma nonetheless
The worst on out there
Bad-boy extraordinaire – didn’t hurt one bit either he being a billionaire

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